Quantified Selfie

We have become the largest producers of data in history. Almost every click online, each swipe on our tablets and each tap on our smartphone produces a data point in a virtual repository. According to an MIT study, the average office worker produces 5GB worth of data each day. This data has been deployed by politicians, marketers and government departments to do anything from solving crimes to sending personalized political messages to selling us products.

But there are living, breathing humans behind these spreadsheets. We took actions to create these data points. Perhaps we can use them for self exploration.

Quantified Selfie is a project that explores identity through data. Find each project described below

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Forget Me Nots

A brief exploration of the memories that lurk in one person's inbox.

On rocky beginnings

A story of new beginnings in New York City through one person's music consumption.

I'm such a fan

Online community support, enumerated and visualized through one person's experience.

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